According to our motto - we always want to fit ourselves with International Companies to cater for their requirement of the materials. We see their culture to strictly follow their companies rule about documentation of the shipments for international transportation of cargo by sea and air including packing, terms and conditions for custom clearance as well as inland haulage of cargo.

We have working experience of handling project cargo. It covers both onshore and offshore projects works. Type of work was to carry out custom clearance and arrange inland haulage of cargo. We maintain a very good liaison with the stakeholders like govt & non- govt sectors and found no problem for obtaining export/import permits, NOCs along-with explosive licenses and other govt related permits.

Our company uses logistic management technology which covers tracking of vehicles with cargo while in transit. We also arrange manifestation of data known as '' KPI'' on monthly basis for tracking by customers of MNC which reflects real performance of the contractor throughout the year.

We have consulting personnel to perform or conduct the CSR ( Cargo System Research ) of both captive and production line cargo.

Our company plans every day . And as a part - all airport & sea port staff come to office at 07:30 hours local time from Saturday to Thursday to obtain day's online job numbers, IP, original documents etc - view to prepare documents for entry, to carry out examination, assessment within 8:30 hours. Afterwards, they approach towards custom house where works begin from 9 AM. These includes for daily as well as project work.

We have well experienced Custom Sarkers, supervisors and their assistants working at air and sea port customs. They are performing their entrusted responsibilities of custom clearance of goods and forward same to the customers on regular basis.

We , at first lash down cargo onto our own and hired hand trolleys , Hydraulic Trolleys and Fork Lift in order to protect same during carrying from Biman warehouse to Truck loading point at the airport . Trucks move to the consignee's project site with our on escorts when loading is completed. For exports- we carry goods from project site and bring same to our warehouse premises for packing. Then- forward same to cargo village for handing over cargo to the international carrier/forwarder.

Presently, we are using fire extinguishers equipment for using during emergency situation while the trucks and trailers with cargo and containers are in transit. We also use logistic management technology for tracking trucks and trailers while in transit.

Our service also covers after office hour and during regular business works. Our staff are contactable for service even for weekends and holidays over cell phone . They also attend emails during those time.

We have system instead of archive in our office to archiving the shipment related documents in the form of hard copy for minimum couple of years. Those are kept in the form of hard copies in our files for preserving for few years to meet the need if required